Singing to Success

Singing is the best therapy:

I have something called vocal dysphonia, a condition in which the vocal cords tighten, making speech and singing difficult. I share this in common with Diane Rehm.

A few months back, I opted to get a botox treatment for this condition. I was told at the outset that my voice would be breathy for about a week. It turned out to be three weeks for me. During this time I could not talk or sing with any degree of volume. Oh, how I missed both, especially singing. Just looking at my silent guitar made me cry. Four times a week I would tote my guitar to a local nursing home and do sing-along with them. During this time, I could not sing with them. This always brought me to tears.

I also cried the day I started to sing. Singing brought relief to me. These tears were tears of happiness, not tears of grief. My voice is now totally back and will continue to serve me well until I need another treatment. Fortunately I am told that the next treatment will be much milder and less traumatic. I could go for that.

Diane had the privilege of interviewing an eighty-two year old survivor of a world war two Japanese concentration camp survivor. Unfortunately, I did not get her name. But I did listen long enough to get a firm grasp on her story.

She, her family, and a group of Christian friends were interred in a Japanese concentration camp when she was twelve years old. They all had to endure horrific camp conditions, including vermin infested “food”, unsanitary sleeping quarters, and routine beatings at the hands of guards. There was also the daily threats of rape.

There was one bright spot in their lives. That was the gift of song. Every morning their Christian group leader and mentor would lead the girls in worship songs. “Onward Christian Soldiers” was a favorite. As I listened to her, I marveled at what a strong speaking and singing voice she still has.

Music saved the day for she and her friends. Music therapy is the best. Always treasure the gifts of speech and of singing. Both are gifts from God.

So how can you include the gift of music? How can you use it to enhance your life? Which song can you raise up today? Think about it.