Reward Yourself!

There is a reason that a rat makes it through the maze. He knows there is a block of cheese waiting for him at the end of all that hard work. Just like there is a reason I will fold ten loads of laundry in one day: I know there is a hot, relaxing bubble bath waiting for me at the end of it. The well-rounded mom knows that she’s got to be good to herself as well as those around her. Reward your efforts and you’ll be more likely to repeat the pattern. We’re great with this when it comes to our kids: “You can go outside to play as soon as your room is clean.” We tend to sometimes fall short in this area when it comes to ourselves. But in all honesty, we never outgrow this little trick.

Sometimes we just need incentive, so don’t be stingy when it comes to doling out the self-rewards. If you cleaned out the linen closet and donated two bags full of sheets and comforters to charity, then reward yourself with that luxurious new sheet set you’ve had your eye on. If you managed to survive as a team mom for an entire soccer season, then take an afternoon off and go for a manicure or pedicure. Just because you are a mom does not mean that you are serving a prison sentence. Your life is meant to be both productive and enjoyable. So give yourself plenty of treats along the way!