Set the Inner Mind to Succeed – To the Goal Set

Entrepreneurs often jump from one thing to another expecting the new thing will be easy and much faster to make a better living. A better living is the basic craving factor of all entrepreneurs. If one is not able to make a living as he wants in the expected time he is likely to jump from one to another. I categorize entrepreneurs as born entrepreneurs and those who opted to be.

The in- born entrepreneurs are powerful, accept changes for the goal and are very challenging and the mechanism of self-motivation works in them. They have inherited certain core aspects of perseverance and patience with the mind to adopt to situations and are more daring and willing.. They are fearless. They are born in fire and so survive any harsh conditions and most likely to succeed. They have the intuition and inner guidance of how to move about. They have the inborn vision and the inner mind tuned to goal at all times.

The case is not same with those who opted entrepreneurship. My target group is those who want to become successful entrepreneurs as they opt to become an entrepreneur for a living.

Choosing of a niche is often based on the fascination one has in the subject. A person who dislikes cutting meat will not shine as a butcher and is likely to change his mind every now and then. One cannot sell fish if he does not like the smell of fish. I mean a small enterprise where the majority of the work is maintained by one self, it is difficult to make the venture successful if the niche is alien.. I don’t deny the fact that there are exceptions in every rule and cases of entrepreneurs who became highly successful without any knowledge of the subject are there too. What I mean here is, there are more failures in such cases than success. So I opt to say what I said above. Let us continue with our main theme of setting the inner mind.

How to set your inner mind to the goal?

You might be thinking what is inner mind? Yes you guessed it. I am talking about the inner mind, the unconscious mind. People often fix up their mind, their external mind in the things they have to do and hear superfluously how they can do things, to be successful. But the fact is, it is very easy to make yourself successful if you set your inner mind for success.

The inner mind never thinks of failure and never work thinking if. If it became a failure…What is next? What I will do next if this is going to be something different than what I think it should be? What if I don’t get the finance I want to make it successful? What if I don’t get the customers I want? What if \I am not able to support me and my family with this venture? If ever you ask and try to find out solutions for these questions, there is every likelihood that your venture becomes an utter failure. Your inner mind or the unconscious mind already give you a way from the present one and take you to the next level. Believe it or not, the unconscious mind is so powerful.

When you try to cheat yourself you get cheated.

So set your mind to the goal you are in. Think of the goal when you get up in the early morning. Think of the fruits of the goal just before you sleep in the night. Think of the goal in your prayers. Think of the results and think of the right path to reach your destination and feed these things in your inner mind. Let the external mind strive, meet challenges, remove obstacles, fight and survive. Keep your inner mind focused, totally concentrated.

There will be a point or several occasions when you will be driven to tell yourself that you are a failure and you cannot make it up. But this is your external situation but tell your internal mind you will succeed one day and go strong. Your internal mind will motivate you and inspire you to work in such situations where as your external environment will tell you to get out. Your friends and relatives will tell you to get out. Listen to your internal mind.

It might help you to get an experienced coach who might be able to help you reach your goal much faster than you think. The coach will support you, motivate you and help you to accomplish your goal much faster than you can think of and shall be able to hold you responsible and answerable.