The 12 Day Syndrome: Dealing With Self Doubt

One of my biggest hurdles in starting my own business and moving on from what wasn’t working in my life was learning to take new roads to achieve new results. Well I’ll be honest, this can be very difficult to do. This was a common recurrence in my own life, that I decided to give the ugly little gremlin a name: The 12 Day Syndrome.

While some of the guy out there would love to blame any mood altering day on PMS, this isn’t always the case. Often these disturbances in emotions are caused by triggers.

What is a trigger? A trigger occurs when a situation, mostly likely a situation that has happened before, that results in unpleasant or negative emotions. It is usually paired with self-doubt, not trusting in your abilities, or feeling upset by something that targets an insecurity.

The reason I call it The 12 Day Syndrome is my own anguish and upset became so frequent that I started keeping a calendar of when these emotional upsets would happen. It just so happened, that it was every 12 days. And frankly, I got sick and tired of feeling that way. So, I decided to take action and figure out what was triggering the upset and what I could do to eliminate it from happening again.

I took a little ride back to my dear friend, The Law of Attraction. This fundamental law of attracting everything into your life based on your emotions was the missing ingredient– that’s when it dawned on me… These emotional upsets were repelling the very thing I wanted. The Law of Attraction says like attracts like, so if you are feeling badly, more bad feelings, people, events, and circumstances will also join your experience. But there is something else that is happened too.

When you get upset (or experience a trigger) you are actually stopping the universal law of energy to bring what it is you want. This is when I had a huge wake up call.

The best medicine to curing The 12 Day Syndrome is to trust. Trusting can be difficult because our physiology is programmed on habits. In order to break a habit OR to create new results from the same trigger, you must trust that these circumstances were brought into your experience for a reason.

The reason being, you need to take a new road. It’s as if the universe is nudging you to try new things, make changes, or see a new perspective. Believing this uncomfortable feeling is just waiting for you to see it’s beauty and trusting it is bringing you closer to what you want in the long run is how to break the 12 Day Syndrome dead in its tracks.

The funny thing about what we desire and our patience to see it come to fruition is it is totally off our radar. We can only see two steps ahead of us and not a mile, so the best way to deal with these upsets is to trust that better things are just around the corner. Let the universe guide you to better results with trust.

Triggers + Trust= New Results.