The Secret of My Success: Everything I Needed Was Already In My Head

The secret of my success stems from quite a few different things that I have tried to apply to my life. Becoming self-motivated is not something that is easy to do. Over time I began to realize that everything I needed to be successful was already in my head. These key points to success were secretly hiding and it took a lot of thinking on my part to realize them. Another problem I tend to have is that unless I am constantly reminded, I tend to forget these secrets. The good news is that the more you use them, the less you lose them.

The first thing you need to realize is that how you think means everything. Try to stay positive. If you think successful thoughts instead of about failure, you are already taking a step in the right direction. Believe that you can reach your goals. There is no room for “I can’t… or I won’t be able to… ” types of phrases in your mind and speech. You need to stand strong in your belief that you can and will reach your goals.

Of course your attitude can waver. Do not dwell on the negative nature of wavering; instead realize it is OK and that it is time to get back on track now. A positive attitude will take you much further than a negative attitude.

Another secret that I found profoundly useful was to write down my goals and a plan I could use to reach them. This is great for anyone trying to reach a successful goal. It is very much like a project plan. Determine what your exact goal is and map out the steps you will need to personally take to reach it. Be careful that you do not get dreams and goals mixed up. A dream is something you wish to happen, not something you make happen. Goals are solid and come with expectations. It is your job to make sure you reach those expectations.

Once I had my goals set in place I knew it was time to take action. This seems to be the secret that most people miss and it is the most successful secret in my arsenal. You cannot just have the idea and goal in mind, the next step does not even matter if you don’t take it. Even if it is the smallest bit of action, the fact that you moved forward is good. Move forward, make the effort to succeed.

If your success depends on improving your education then go back to school. This may not seem like it is a secret to success, but it is well established and is another top secret. If you want to succeed in a field that you have little or no training in, then educate yourself. Take courses and training classes if you must. I believe that my success has been solely because I enjoy learning and believe that we need to continue to learn no matter hold old we may grow.

No matter what I did, it didn’t matter until I started taking responsibility for my actions. This is the secret of my success. Have a plan, take action to meet your goals and be responsible during the entire process.