The Three Most Interesting Things In The World

What would you say they are the most interesting subjects in the world? Sex, property and religion. By the fist we create life, by the second we maintain it and by the third we hope to continue it in the world to come.

But it is our sex, our property and our religion that interests us. Out interests swarm about our egos we are not interested in a talk on how to make soap in Nigeria but we may be interested in a talks entitled: How to make our soap.

We are not interested- except, perhaps, out of curiosity- in the religion of the Chinese, but we are vitally interested in a religion that ensure us unending happiness in the world to come. When a renown business Mongol and newspaper owner was asked what interested people, he answered with one world-end that world was “themselves”.

Do you want to know what kind of person you are? Now this is an interesting topic. We are talking about you. Here is a way for you to hold the mirror up to your real self, and you see you as you really are. What your reveries.

What do we mean by reveries?

We all appear to our selves to be thinking all the time during our walking hours, and most at us are aware that we go on thinking while we are asleep, even more foolishly than when awake.

When uninterrupted by some practical issue we are engaged in what is now known as reverie. This is our spontaneous and favourivite kind of thinking. We allow our ideas to rake their own course and this course is determined by our hopes and fear s our spontaneous desires, their fulfillment or frustration by our likes and dislikes, our loves and hates and resentment..

There is nothing else so interesting to ourselves as ourselves. All thought that is not more or less laboriously controlled and directed will inevitably circle about the Beloved Ego.

It is amusing and pathetic to observe this tendency in ourselves and in others. We learn politely and generously to over look this truth, but if we dare to think of it, it blazed forth lime the sun. Our reveries are reflection of our nature as modified by often hidden and forgot the experiences.

Our chief interest is ourselves. The person who leads others to talk about themselves and their interests and listen intently will generally be considered a good conversationist event thought he does very little talking.

The reason so many people are regarded as poor conversationist is that they talk about only the things that interest them. That may be boring to others revise the process, lead other person into talking about his interests, his business, his sport, his success, or if it is a mother her children. Do that and listen intently and you will give pleasure.

An average person will be more concerned over a dull razor blade than over a revolution in south America. A woman’s toothache will distress her more than an earthquake in Asia destroying half a million lives.

She would rather listen to you say nice thing about her than hear you discuss the ten greatest men in history.